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Myst Online: Uru Live is back again - now called MOULa!

Myst Online: Uru Live is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) unlike anything else. Instead of repetitive kill/take/buy gameplay of other MMOGs, the very essence of Myst Online is to explore vast, fantastic worlds; uncovering and savoring new areas and new information at every turn; meet fellow players and cooperate in this strange environment to solve puzzles and exchange knowledge! Immersing yourself in the environment gives you insight into how to move forward, anf reveals what happened before you were here.

You can explore extraordinary spaces of Myst Online alone, or share the amazing experience with your friends or family - no matter where they may be in the world! Create an online avatar and chat via text and voice, share images and clues, and explore the Ages of Myst Online together. You’ll rediscover, restore and rebuild the ancient city of D’ni and learn about the history of its fallen civilization.

Myst Online: Uru Live is the latest incarnation of Uru, a series of amazing adventures starting with Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and spanning Uru: To D’ni and Uru: The Path Of The Shell. It’s a continuation of the critically acclaimed games Myst and Riven, and the Myst novels.

For further details on Myst and Uru, we recommend "The Guild of Archivists", a great repository of knowledge for all aspects of Myst and the D'ni universe.


The "screenshot gallery" contains a large number of in-game Myst Online: Uru Live screenshots spanning many stunning ages in breathtaking environments.

Concept Art

A great deal of concept artwork was created during the Myst Online: Uru Live development process. The "concept art gallery" contains a handful of images of various ages and environments. You might even find a hint or two for a puzzle or two in some of the sketches!

Cyan Worlds, Inc

Cyan Worlds, Inc., located in Mead, WA just outside of Spokane, is best known for Myst and Riven, which garnered critical acclaim and broad popularity. Cyan has been designing and building immersive interactive worlds since 1987. For more information about Cyan Worlds, visit cyan.com.